Thursday, 14 December 2017

Paros, Greece As it Should Be

Greece is recognized as "the Resort of Europe" hence one of the premier tourist locations in the world. Cyclades Islands are getting an enormous proportion of the tourists that are visiting Greece due to their summertime breaks and Paros area is one of these simple islands that's arriving the very first preferences for vacations.

Paros was created as tourist destination around 1960. The island presents lots of nature beauties, such as for instance sandy beaches, picturesque villages, high dunes for the windsurfing fans, great nightlife and fine accommodation in Paros lodges, apartments, companies and fits offering all modern facilities and paros greece hotels.

Both popular villages of Paros is Parikia (the money and slot of the island) and Naoussa. Parikia offers plenty of accommodations, eateries, tavernas, night clubs and bars and as a capital is the professional center of the area, generally active and crowded. Naoussa village could be the diamont of Paros. Happens to be a small fishing village with an extremely picturesque little harbor, with slim streets and plenty of eateries, bars and clubs, fish tavernas and needless to say great hotels built on the beachfront and offering breathtaking views to the Aegean sea. For seaside lovers, residing in Paros accommodations in Naoussa is a privilege as there are certainly a some of the most readily useful shores of Paros regional, like Piperi beach, Kolimbithres, Monastiri, Lageri, Santa Maria and Ambelas. You could visit these shores by boat, by bus or by taxi. Needless to say you may remain in your hotel and take pleasure in the swimming share that the majority of the high type Paros lodges in Naoussa offer. Naoussa also presents good nightlife and stays alive until morning hours. In a few words, Naoussa is a good choice for summertime vacations in Paros Greece.

Independent of the beaches and nightlife, there are enough other pursuits to complete in Paros. We recommend you to go to some monasteries and churches and appreciate the structure and the icons which is there for a huge selection of years.

Naoussa is linked to Parikia by bus on a regular foundation and is situated on the upper element of Paros Area, at a 12 km distance from Parikia and 20 km from Paros Airport.

Paros is connected with Athens (Piraeus port) and different Cyclades islands, Dodecanese islands and Crete by ferry and by jet with Athens Airport.

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